Iím a secretary to Kay Arthur.  I will definitely recommend it to (Precept Ministries) troubled parents.
-- Martha

Iíll never forget how much your book meant to me when I was in such despair.  Thank you, thank you.
-- Olivia

I spent the day reading your book and finished it at 11:30 PM.  Thank you for having the courage to write it.
-- Carol

I have so many family members reading your book that I donít even know where it is! Please send me another copy.
-- Valerie

I read your book at the perfect time.  It helped me to ďhang in thereĒ with my own son.
-- Margaret

Iím a youth group leader in my church and we are reading your book.  Would you send a few more copies?
-- Dave

I usually fall asleep when Iím reading.  Not with this one!
-- Nancy

I could really identify because of my son. 
I laughed AND I cried throughout.
-- Audrey

Your book gave me light at the end of the tunnel.  Godís timing is perfect.
-- Sherry

I met you at Rosieís baby shower.  Your book really bolstered me.  I mean, really, really did.
-- Rhonda

I bought three of your books to give to my church, including my priest at St. Michaelís.  Can your son come over to talk to my son?
-- Jamie

Your book helped me learn how to pray scriptures for my son.
-- Kathe

I began reading your book at 5:00 in the morning.  I missed my 6:00 walk because before I knew it, it was 6:30. Then I was late for work because at 8:30 I had to put the book down.  I worked 10 hours and returned to the book and finished t that night.  Of the 50 books a year that I read, this was the hardest to put down.  Thank you for writing it! It will bring answers to those experiencing the dark side of life and drugs.
-- Rita

I read your book cover to cover and cannot describe how I felt while reading it.  Except, blessed! Our church is under major spiritual attack and your book came at just the right time.
-- Judy

I was blown away.
-- Laura

Your faithfulness ministered to me.  It showed me that we too much take God for granted.  What power He has, to save!
-- Mike

My sister too, started reading your book, she said she just couldn't stop,  She read the first half of your book in one sitting
-- Eunice, The Philippines

How wonderful that you hung in there the way you did.  How, when you thought it was better and then it wasnít, you hung in there anyway.
-- Mavis

You must be a woman of faith.
-- Chris

I have two kids on drugs.  I would like to talk to you on the phone...
-- Barbara

I know it was Godís grace, but how did you hang in there.  Even find some humor in it? And the way you wove in the scriptures...
-- Leena

What can I say.  What a challenge.  No, more than that!
-- Jan-Erik

I rejoiced at how you stood in the gap for your son.
-- Marian

I love the way you write! I feel like I know you! Like I should send you a Christmas card, or something!
-- Linda

Your book helped me to know that I am not alone, in the things I am experiencing with my daughter.  I have more patience, now.  Thank you for being obedient in writing it.
-- Margaret

Your book is interesting, informative, and amazingly detailed.  Truly a testimony of Godís faithfulness, AND YOURS!
-- Judy

Read the book, cover to cover, in 24 hours.  An easy read but a great story! Powerful and moving.
-- J.D.

A thrilling story which gave me a greater appreciation of Godís power to heal.
-- Jeanette

I have passed your book around the jail, and it touched Ė no, beat Ė on so many hearts.  It should be required reading for all mental health professionals.
-- Danny

You have quite a story to tell. Thank you for sharing the heartbreaks and the joys.  You have certainly honored the Lord. May He bring you much fruit, for bearing your soul.
-- Gary

God allowed you to go through an unbearable storm to bring you and your family to a heaven-sent victory.  All because of your scriptures and the way you prayed with consistent stubbornness.
-- Gloria

Denise. Tina. Nola. Shawn. Bob. June. Mark. Russ. Marna. Nicky. Nancy. Jerome. Tracy. Jana Becky, and more.  There is not enough space to mention all the peopleís lives that have been positively affected by this incredible book.

Copyright© 2001- Karen Strand. All rights reserved.