He would not let go of the powers of darkness, and they would not let go of him, until they had twisted his mind and nearly destroyed his life.

 "I think this present darkness is here -- in me."

Escape From the Fowler's Snare

Award Winning Book

A triumphant true story of God's victory over the darkest circumstances --  troubled youth, substance abuse, and the occult.

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Spiritual Warfare Book

Hand cuffed in the back of a police car waiting to be taken to the hospital, Jay looked at his mother in wild-eyed terror.  "I'll never get there alive,"  he panicked.   "There's a .45 magnum in the trunk and they'll kill me first!"

This is the dramatic story of a young man trapped in insanity.  For two years he heard voices, thought he was Jesus, talked to aliens and saw Laser beams shooting from foreheads.  It soon became clear that he was battling the dark forces of evil.  You will both weep and rejoice with the mother who refused to let those forces keep her son.

"Make sure you get your hands on this book.";
  -- Benny Perez, Trinity Broadcasting Network

"Praise the Lord for the praying mother"
  -- Renee Trudell, Senior Producer "Woman to
      Woman"  Radio  Show

"In a word -- powerful! "
  -- Gloria Stargel, Guideposts Writer

 "Wow! Wow! Wow!  will pass your book
around to staff,  then leave it in the Day Treatment Center." 

  -- Rob,  probation officer

"You have touched my life in a beautiful way that will stay with me always.  In one of my darkest, most painful moments of watching my child suffer, your book was there with hope and encouragement.  You helped empower me to run to the cross, believing there was power and hope there for healing."
-- Karen Dishman Jantzi

I read your book at the perfect time.  It helped me to “hang in there” with my own son.
-- Margaret

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