Health/Medical Articles:
- Five Dogs, Cat Join Staff of Hospital
  Psychiatric Unit
- San Jose Woman Participant in “Domino”
- A Mamba, A Machete and a Boy Scout
- San Jose Tot Battles Cystic Fibrosis
- Cystic Fibrosis: What it is, and what it Does
- Confessions of a Chicken Blood Donor
- Greater Awareness of Cardiac Risks Indicated
- Safety Tips for Open-Water Swimmers
- What Patients Should Know About Ritalin
- Seasickness – Its Cause and Cure
- Snoring May Mean Sleep Apnea  
- Sleep Apnea Victims Can Be Evaluated
  and Treated
- Clarifying the Facts About Marijuana
- Sober Drivers Equate to Safe Streets
- Migraines: Medicine’s Mysterious Malady
- The Childhood Injury You Can Prevent
- Tips on How to Take the Strain Out of Running
- Airline Passengers Offered Survival Tips
- Meningitis Scare Probably Ended
- Taped Books Widely “Read”
- Just Like Diving Head First from a Second-Story
- A Guide to Help in Understanding the Eye
- Disposable Contacts Have Become a Reality

- Disposable Contacts Have Become a Reality
- May Celebrates “Older Americans” Month
- On the Road with the Orthodontic Express
- Dental Implants and How They Work
- What You Should Know About the Flu
- Reducing a Common Home Risk
- Allergy Clinic Expands to Include the South
- School Based Health Clinics – A Trojan Horse?
- “Home Deliver” – in a Hospital
- Planetree Debuts at San Jose Medical Center
- Spring Checkup for Automobiles
- Local Center Aids Young Cancer Victims
- Mammography Techniques Improve
- Fertility Clinic Has High Rate of Success
- Hospital Complex to Open in Morgan Hill
- Beware of the Bad Egg

Non-health Articles:
- Some Tips on How to Master SAT Distracters
- Capitol Flag Flies Over Steinbeck Middle School
- Young Adult Trilogy Uses Almaden area, Civil
  War for Setting for Plot
- Four Almaden Students Win Invent America!
- Home Features That Baby Boomers Like
- Tips on Shopping For a New Home

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